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Desirelessness & the Path to Happiness

Sunday Talk topic, November 12 at Vedanta Hall

EVERYONE SEEKS happiness but happiness eludes them.

At times in our life when a desire is fulfilled happiness seems to be our natural and steady friend; but then it slips away promising to return and stay with us again once we “get that degree, get that job, buy that car, buy that house, find the perfect partner, take that dream holiday.”

Soon we discover that happiness is only that small gap in time between the desire that is fulfilled and the new one that has risen up.
What we’re really seeking is freedom from desires. The 5th century sage Bhartrihari says: ’Desires lead to misery; desirelessness is supreme happiness.’

But the path to supreme happiness is a tricky one full of heavy traffic, roundabouts and detours. Do we have the ability to navigate it? And without desires how can we even live?

What we need to do, the sages advise, is to cultivate desirable desires and lengthen the gap between one desire being fulfilled and another arising in the mind. That is the challenge.
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