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Pitfalls on the
Spiritual Path

Preview of Talk by Pravrajika Gayatriprana

with an introduction by Nandu Mehta

Sunday, October 8 at Vedanta Hall

SPIRITUAL JOURNEYS are the archetypal ‘Hero’s Journey’ full of obstacles and dangers, challenges and triumphs. The Upanishads say it’s like walking on the edge of a razor.

The more advanced the spiritual aspirant the subtler the challenges including ‘the spiritual ego.’ In this sanctimonious state aspirants believe they are so advanced they are ready to teach others; the ‘blind leading the blind.’

Shouldn’t we share our spiritual insights with others? Share - yes, but instruct, or lead? Everyone wants to be a Guru, but only real spiritual teachers know what a serious responsibility this is - to willingly absorb and transform the frustrations, fears, and delusions of the struggling aspirant.

Humility, sincerity, regularity—all these and more are required before the aspirant can access and digest the greatest treasure of all—direct experience of the divinity within.

Learn more at the talks next Sunday.